The grandparents in your life are loving, kind, and always up for fun. They deserve to be pampered — and not just on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Hence, the importance of celebrating Grandparents’ Day.

An annual tradition typically scheduled for the Sunday after Labor Day, National Grandparents’ Day is quickly gaining the recognition it deserves. Many adult children celebrate by taking their parents out for a special meal. Others may be unable to celebrate in style due to the start of the school year or the simple complications of distance, but phone calls and special gifts are always appreciated.

Make this Grandparents’ Day one to remember with help from the gift ideas highlighted below:

Grandmother with cardboard cutout of grandchildren.

Thoughtful Gifts

While your Grandparents’ Day celebration will hopefully go beyond the concept of “it’s the thought that counts,” there is always value in simple tokens that show you care. Favorite grandparent gifts include:

Photographic Keepsakes

Grandparents love to gaze at photos of their kids and grandkids. Take this concept to the next level by providing keepsakes adorned with images of loved ones. Mugs, for example, make each sip of coffee that much tastier when they feature adorable photos of grandchildren. When in doubt, framed photos are always a safe option. Some grandparents would even be happy to wear T-shirts featuring silly images of their grandkids.

Get creative with cardboard cutouts featuring either the faces of cherished grandchildren or the grandparents themselves. These can be silly, sentimental, or anything in between. They work wonderfully as party decorations but can also be given as memorable gifts.

Handwritten Letters or Cards

Whether given on its own or accompanying other gifts, a handwritten letter will arguably be the most meaningful thing you provide for Grandparents’ Day. This is your chance to get sentimental and share just how much your parents or grandparents mean to you. Share a few special memories or write a poem. Either way, this letter or card will be cherished for years.

Homemade Treats & Goodies

Nothing says love like homemade cookies! If your grandparents have a favorite recipe, spend a day in the kitchen preparing something they will quickly gobble up. Better yet, whip up a variety of homemade sweets that you can enjoy together on their big day.

Subscription Services

Why stick with one gift when you can provide several? Select a subscription service that corresponds with your grandparents’ interests. Name a niche and you should easily find a gift box designed to accommodate it. Snacks, pet supplies, wine…everything your grandparents could possibly want should be available on a monthly basis.

Experience-Based Gifts

Today’s grandparents are more active and engaged than previous generations. They love to get out and experience all that life has to offer — but ideally, with their kids and grandkids by their side. Encourage them to explore new interests with experience-based gifts. These should be carefully selected to reflect the unique interests of each grandparent. Top options include:

  • Tickets to movies, sporting events, or theatrical productions.
  • Cruises, train rides, or other transportation-oriented adventures.
  • Classes or workshops meant for enrichment: yoga or watercolor painting, for example.
  • Go all-out with a hotel stay or a weekend trip.
  • Items required for favorite activities, such as scrapbooking supplies or golf balls.

Practical & Useful Gifts

Through the years, the grandparents in your life have likely collected all kinds of knick-knacks — and, while they’ll surely appreciate more, they might be even more excited to receive practical gifts that they can use daily. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to buy extras for yourself:

Assistive Devices & Technology

Draw on the power of assistive technology to enhance grandparents’ daily lives. These will prove especially useful for grandparents currently dealing with mobility impairments that prevent them from visiting or interacting with their grandchildren as much as they’d like. Smart home assistants can be wonderfully helpful, as can ergonomic utensils or cooking tools, walking canes, or scooters.

Comfortable & Cozy Items

Grandparents love to relax on their own and with their beloved grandchildren. Give them plenty of opportunities to get cozy with gifts that encourage them to cuddle. Essentials include:

  • Homemade quilts or blankets
  • Soft bathrobes
  • Slippers
  • Mugs and hot cocoa 

Organizational Tools & Aids

Keeping organized is difficult at any age, but it can become especially tricky for grandparents with busy schedules and lots of grandchildren to visit. Lend a helping hand with simple organizational tools that make it easy to keep a variety of items tidy. Examples include:

  • Label makers
  • Packing cubes
  • Wireless charging tray
  • Toiletry organizers

Books or Audiobooks

If your grandparents love to read, treat them to books that reflect their interests. Audiobooks are also appreciated, especially for grandparents on the go. Titles specifically selected by grandchildren will be quickly read and cherished.

Grandchildren & DIY Gifts

Many grandparents would argue that the best gift of all involves time with their grandchildren or tokens of their affection. Crafts and other DIY projects are always appreciated and may ultimately receive more attention and gratitude than anything you could buy on Amazon, Walmart, or even Etsy.

Involving Grandchildren

DIY gifts are a lot more special when grandchildren are involved. If you’re the grandchild, this is easy: get crafty and make something for your grandparents! If you are currently a parent, however, you may need to do some convincing to get your kids involved. Let them choose a craft or project they enjoy or, at minimum, encourage them to make cards or color pictures for their grandparents.

Father's Day big head.

DIY Gift Ideas

If you’re suffering from a lack of creativity, you’re in luck: the internet is chock full of DIY ideas, complete with step-by-step instructions. These are often readily available on YouTube or Pinterest. When in doubt, these classics should be a hit:

  • Flowers in pots decorated by grandkids
  • DIY cork or macrame coasters
  • Tote bags
  • Decorated picture frames
  • Homemade family trees
  • Anything featuring grandchild handprints
  • Gift baskets with an assortment of items that grandparents love
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