Are you designing a man cave, game room, or boys’ room? Consider creating home decor by way of removable wall art stickers. If you’re a gamer, your man cave wall decor should reflect the things you really enjoy doing in your home, and Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, and other game consoles like Xbox are likely to find themselves in your space. The best man cave will incorporate all of your favorite games that you love to play when you hang out in real life, but it’ll also include a wall mural that truly transforms your space into one awesome video game room.

Wall decal stickers offer you a great way to switch up your man cave wall decor. They’re low-cost and easy to apply. Not to mention, you can remove them easily, customize them to whatever you’d like them to be, and they adhere to the wall all by themselves without any sticky residues or holes in the walls.

There are a ton of options when it comes to video game wall murals, but here are our top choices for your man cave.

10 Video Game Man Cave Wall Mural Ideas

1. Playstation Buttons

Your game room decor could include high-quality images of Playstation buttons. These iconic shapes and colors are notable to even the most amateur of gamers. You can get a wall art print that showcases the geometrical images associated with this beloved game station, then add shapes, colors, and images that bring everything together.

2. Retro Nintendo

Donkey Kong made a major splash in the video gaming world (before that was really a thing). Pay homage to this out-of-control ape with a design centered around the big skyscrapers and amazing cityscapes. If this was one of your favorite games back when the world of gaming was first introduced, it’s time to bring it back with a new flair using these design ideas:

  • Add collectibles on shelves as wall decorations
  • Install a wall mount so you can game at a height that’s optimal for comfort and good posture
  • Create custom-designed wall art that’s easy to apply and simple to remove

3. Xbox Graffiti

Take a few pages from your favorite games when you create your basement man cave’s wall mural. Slice and dice images that you’ve taken screenshots of so you can relive the moments and magic every time you step into your private space. When you capture high-quality images from your own gaming experiences, you’ll bring some personalization into your room that you literally won’t see anywhere else on the planet.

If you’d like graffiti images, take a look at some of your games that have graffiti in the scenes. Play a few rounds and record your games so you have great images to work with when you’re ready to order your wall sticker.

4. Super Mario Level

There are four levels in Super Mario Bros., each of which is contained within eight worlds. Mario or Luigi have to get to the next level by traversing various enemies and obstacles, and it’s your job to help them get there. Pick your favorite Super Mario level and create a landscape on your wall that reflects the adventures of this famous duo.

5. Zelda Hyrule Castle

The Hyrule Castle in the Legend of Zelda forces you to defeat divine beasts, capture memories in the main quest, and upgrade your armor along the way. Once you get the Master Sword, you’re on your way to success. Incorporate Princess Zelda’s magical castle-scape into your atmosphere and get ready to transform your home office or game room into a picture-perfect version of this make-believe land.

6. Super Smash Bros. Battle

From basic attacks to interactions with Spirits, this game has been a lot of things to a lot of people, and now, with removable wall art, you can recreate scenes from the World of Light and other levels. Pick your favorite players, lay out the scene, and put a wall mural in your man cave that represents the journeys of the Super Smash Bros.

7. Pokemon Paradise

Pokemon, which stands for “Pocket Monsters”, is a beloved franchise that originated in Japan back in the early 1980s. Today, you can add Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, and Jessie to your gaming world by way of easily removable custom wall decals. This family-friendly favorite is great for a themed man cave, but it also works for kids’ rooms, the family room, or a game room.

Ash Ketchum with a Pokeball.

“Ash Ketchum Drawing” by Matt Leyva is licensed under CC BY 2.0

8. PAC-MAN Game

PAC-MAN is an action maze game that’s, well, amazed players for generations. Decorate your wall with all the dots the colored ghosts are supposed to eat, and send Mr. or Ms. PAC-MAN off to tackle the task of getting to them first.

9. EA Sports Gamer

Are you a FIFA fan or an NHL goalie when you get going on your EA Sports games? Do you prefer to virtually dribble the ball or protect a pass against the quarterback? It doesn’t matter which sports you favor, EA Sports has you covered. Create a wall sticker in the shape of a goal, ice rink, or other sporty situation, and get your gaming on.

10. Game Over

Say good night and goodbye to characters with an image of the sequence that indicates you made a mistake. It can come complete with “oomphs” and “ouches”, knock-down drag-outs, and any other action that’s characteristic of your favorite game.

Get Your Wall Murals from Cardboard Cutout Standees

You can find the best images for your wall mural by doing a little research before you get started. When you’re ready to design the perfect video game wall mural for your man cave, trust Cardboard Cutout Standees for your video game room needs.


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