In the excitement of preparing to welcome a bundle of joy into your loving home, you’ve probably thought a great deal about how your baby’s nursery will look. Decorating the nursery represents one of the most important elements of nesting — and it can be a special bonding moment between parents and their child before they meet face-to-face.

The nursery is also a wonderful space for future parents to show off. Hence, the appeal of social media posts featuring freshly decorated nurseries, as well as nursery tours during virtual baby showers.

The desire for a cute and creative nursery is understandable, but this space needs, more than anything, to be safe and functional. Unfortunately, many nurseries fail to live up to this ideal. Others work well in the first few months of life but are difficult to transition into bedrooms befitting toddlers or school-age children.

Vinyl wall decals can address both problems; they’re safer than most forms of decor and they are easily removable when you’re ready. A variety of excellent options can be applied in nurseries, as we’ve highlighted below:

1. Hot Air Balloon

As a proud parent, you feel confident that your little one will one day soar. You can express this sentiment with help from this gorgeous decal, which depicts a boldly colored hot air balloon. A large balloon forms the focal point of this set, which is accompanied by several fluffy cloud wall decal stickers. These can be placed throughout the room to create a whimsical feel.

If preferred, a simple patterned version is also available. This set consists of balloons in several shades, which, as with the single hot air balloon, can be surrounded by fluffy cloud decals.

Large hot air balloon wall decal in child's play room.

2. Cute Cupcakes

Your baby is as sweet as the tastiest dessert, so it’s only fitting that his or her bedroom incorporates one of the sweetest treats imaginable: cupcakes with plenty of frosting. The cupcakes featured in this adorable decal pattern include several appealing pastel colors, as well as smiling faces. Simple and sweet, this pattern works great in a nursery but will continue to look lovely as children outgrow their cribs and transition to toddler beds.

Cupcake wall decal patterns behind a crib.

3. Counting Sheep

Nothing says classic childhood bedtime quite like the concept of counting sheep. This theme forms the basis of a great nursery, even when babies don’t understand the idea of counting sheep to fall asleep.

The sheep in this wall decal set have a calming appearance that both babies and their parents will love. There’s a lot to like about their fluffy appearance, as well as details such as little fences over which they can jump. Stars, clouds, flowers, and a single moon complete the look, creating a dreamy atmosphere in which babies can drift off to sleep even if they’re unable to count.

Sheep wall decals in baby's room behind crib.

4. Flying Pigs

Bring the saying “when pigs fly” to life in your baby’s room, where the plump pink piggies live among the clouds. Each of the pigs in this set boasts a set of wings and serene expression. Clouds accompany the pigs to make it abundantly clear that, yes, they can soar through the air. These aspirational pigs will reflect your feeling that, as a new parent, anything is possible.

Flying pigs wall decal in a bed room.

5. Bunny Bedtime

Available as a single large decal or in a patterned set, this option is perfect for decorating a nursery. An adorable bunny forms the basis of this look, which also incorporates a nighttime theme complete with stars and a moon.

If you prefer the patterned approach, you can opt for an alternate decal collection that includes several bunnies hopping or at rest. Either way, you’ll want to cuddle the bunnies almost as much as you want to cuddle your precious baby.

Bunny jumping over moon decal in front of a baby crib.

6. Basic Shapes

Sometimes, the simplest nursery designs are the most effective. If you like the idea of selecting a single, versatile design that will work as well for a baby as it will for a toddler and even a child in elementary school, this basic shapes pattern should be your go-to solution. It may be straightforward, but this nursery wall art option is far from boring.

Basic shapes pattern wall decals in a play room.

7. Honey Bee

Having a baby in your life keeps you as busy as a bee, so you’ll relate to the insect workers from this nursery wall decal collection. This comes in two main formats: a larger bee surrounded by honeycomb or several smaller bees that come with not only honeycomb but also, a brightly colored sunflower. Either way, these designs will make you feel as bright and sunny as you do when gazing at your baby’s beautiful face.

Bee pattern wall decal in a nursery.

8. Moon Night Sky

When you live with a newborn, you can expect to regularly be up when the moon and the stars are visible. If you aren’t gazing out the window at these nighttime favorites, you’ll be viewing them on the wall of your baby’s nursery, where this design sets the tone for sleepy time. It includes a large moon with a happy face, as well as smaller crescent moons and dozens of stars. Making it the perfect wall decor for sleepy babies.

Moon wall decal behind crib in nursery.

9. Polka Dot Dreams

These reusable decals are among the most practical baby nursery options, in that they can also be applied in a variety of other settings. This look works just as well in a child’s bedroom as it does for a nursery, but it can also pack a visual punch in a playroom or even your living room.

10. Create Your Own Decal

Perhaps you already have a clear vision for how you want your baby’s nursery to look. You can still enjoy the convenience of applying nursery wall decals when you take advantage of our DIY option. This solution allows you to make the most of your creativity as you design a custom look for your future son or daughter. Whether you want a jungle animal theme or a name decal for their nursery wall decor, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome your beautiful baby girl or baby boy into the world with a stunning nursery featuring gorgeous decals. You’ll enjoy applying these peel & stick accessories to the wall of your baby’s room — and you’ll feel confident that, when the time for a new design arrives, you can switch up the look in no time at all. Contact us to learn more about the custom decal process or visit our website to check out our wide selection.


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