Few projects are as personally inspiring or satisfying as designing an interior space. Ideally, designs will reflect your unique personality while also promoting an environment that feels like home. These ideals are within reach when you take advantage of removable wall murals.

Affordable and accessible, this DIY approach to interior design provides an ideal alternative for anyone who is unable to hire professional designers or invest in permanent or expensive wall coverings.

Beautiful sunset wall mural behind chairs and a side table.

​​5 Reasons You Should Use Removable Wall Murals

Not sure how you should proceed as you design your dream home or apartment? Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the main benefits of removable wall art — and why it’s the perfect approach for decorating your favorite spaces.

1. Affordability

Decor can be shockingly expensive. Large statement pieces, in particular, can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Any damage expensive pieces sustain can feel devastating, given the sheer scope of the initial investment. When you want wall art to pack a punch, a removable mural provides the best bang for the buck. What’s more, this approach avoids the installation or setup costs that can plague certain types of wall decor — such as backsplash.

The affordable nature of removable murals is also worth considering if you enjoy regularly changing up your home or apartment’s look. With traditional artwork, exorbitant prices mean that the same pieces need to remain in place for years or even decades. Without a refresh, however, spaces can begin to feel stale, particularly for those wishing to keep up with interior design trends.

Hence, the appeal of removal solutions, which can be updated on a regular basis. After all, it’s often possible to purchase several murals for less than the cost of one conventional piece.

2. Practicality

Hanging art or other standard types of home decor can be a complicated affair. This is particularly true for anyone who lives in an apartment, where restrictions may force residents to deal with often ineffective solutions such as adhesive hangers or hook-and-loop tape. Likewise, painting and applying wallpaper takes time — and they might not even be approved by a rental space.

Many renters move on a regular basis, making it difficult to ensure that their spaces truly feel like home. Removable wall murals provide a more practical option for customizing designs without causing damage.

The practicality of traditional approaches to design may also be questionable for anyone with kids or pets. Certain types of artwork or wall coverings are easily damaged. Removable wall murals, however, are so durable that they are a favored option for children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Elsewhere in the home, they can also provide peace of mind with their impressive resistance to damage. They even hold up well as they’re taken down and applied in new locations.

3. High Quality

Attractive and practical wall coverings need not be visually unimpressive. Removable wall murals provide an astounding level of detail, thanks to advanced digital printing techniques. Vibrant colors and high resolution can be expected, thereby delivering an amazing first impression when used for an accent wall, a gallery wall, or an entryway. Additionally, exceptional cutting technology ensures that these pieces are prepared with robotic precision. Once complete, they should provide an amazing focal point.

4. Customizable

Wall art provides a tailor-made approach to designing your home or apartment. There’s no need to build your design around somebody else’s aesthetics or vision. With removable wall murals, you are in charge nearly every step of the way. If desired, you can choose the image to be featured in the mural, as well as the size and shape of the completed piece. Depending on your preferences, this could mean covering the entire wall or a smaller portion.

Not feeling particularly creative? No worries. You can always look to existing stock designs to give your space some much-needed pizzazz. A wide variety of color schemes and patterns are available, so you should have no trouble finding something that fits your desired aesthetic. Either way, you can find or create something that feels perfect for your space.

5. Versatility

Name the setting or situation and you can almost assuredly find a use for removable wall murals. The inherently customizable nature of these pieces means that they are also incredibly versatile. This represents one of the greatest and most often forgotten benefits of removable art.

As mentioned previously, removable works of art are well-suited to children’s rooms or play areas — but they are also right at home in more sophisticated living spaces. Dining rooms and living rooms, for example, can be instantly upgraded with help from the right mural. Furthermore, unique areas such as yoga studios or gaming rooms can be accommodated.

What is the Difference Between a Wall Mural and Wallpaper?

To the uninitiated, wall murals seem to resemble wallpaper. Both solutions provide extensive coverage and both are capable of making a major visual statement. Wallpaper tends to be more permanent, however, as removing it is a painstaking process that can lead to significant damage. Meanwhile, many wall murals are specifically developed with the intention of being easy to remove.

The other main difference between wall murals and wallpaper? Customization. While wallpaper is available in a dazzling array of designs, it is ultimately developed based on somebody else’s ideas. With wall murals, however, the customer is the designer. There is no limit to the types of images that can be transformed into beautiful murals.

Cozy living room chair and side table in front of an ocean wall mural.


How to Get Started

Are you ready to make the most of removable wall art? If you’re interested in creating a customized look, you’ll be pleased to discover that the process is incredibly simple. To begin, it’s important to submit high-quality images, as it’s impossible to print beautiful murals if the pictures they convey aren’t stunning when still in digital form.

Digital cameras are preferred if you choose to capture images on your own. When in doubt, use optical zoom to avoid a blurred product. It’s still possible to achieve impressive quality with smartphones, but saving in high resolution is absolutely essential.

At Cardboard Cutout Standees, we are thrilled to provide a versatile, affordable, and easily customizable option for decorating your favorite spaces. Contact us today to learn how you can design the space of your dreams with a custom wall mural.


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