Are you ready to create a quiet space that invites good vibes and calming meditation yoga? If you’re searching for yoga meditation room ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has searched high and low in an effort to bring you meditation wall murals and other wall art that can transform your space into a Zen cave that welcomes peace, calm, and all things good.

You may not have known that you can purchase a wall sticker and transform the entire look and feel of your yoga meditation room, but it’s true! Home decor has never been easier to envision and accomplish, and it doesn’t matter if your meditation wall is in your living room, a spare bedroom, or an official yoga studio, a large, self-adhesive vinyl sticker can give you everything you’re looking for in your space and more. Whether you’re a minimalist, or you love outrageous bursts of color, there are options for your unique style choices if you know where to look for great wall art decor.

Why? Because self-adhesive wall stickers and wall murals are:

  • Low-cost
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Highly customizable
  • High-quality
  • Simple to swap out if you want to change the look and feel of your space

9 Yoga Meditation Wall Mural Ideas

Here are some home yoga room ideas you might want to consider as you explore your creative options:

Spiritual & Meditation

Introduce a bit of enlightenment and peace when you incorporate a wall mural of the Buddha. As you search for ways to turn your yoga space in your bedroom, living room, or den into a place where you can melt into your mat, wall art of Buddha is a great way to let Zen in. This teacher, philosopher, and spiritual leader has lived through the centuries as an extraordinary man who achieved enlightenment through morality, meditation, and wisdom. An Asian-inspired yoga room will be complete with a wall vinyl decal of the Buddha.

Buddha statue over ocean landscape.

“buddha” by neonow is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Meditating by the Sea

Water is a renowned healer. The calm of the waves and the infinite view of water when you’re at the ocean’s shore is something to marvel at. One of our favorite meditation bedroom ideas uses stunning blue skies atop crystal blue water with lush green islands scattered about. You can easily transport yourself to a deserted island where it’s only you, nature, and your thoughts. Embrace this type of tranquility by looking for images that capture the calm and quiet of a still sea.

Water Beads on Flower Petals

There’s nothing quite like a flower that’s captured a few tiny beads of morning dew as the day fades away and the light of the new morning appears on the horizon. With a photographer’s eye and a zoomed-in camera lens, these water droplets can become the backdrop for your serene space. This idea is great for your yoga-inspired bedroom because the natural appeal of flowers is flexible and can transform from day to night, before-bed meditation to a morning routine.

If you opt for a black-and-white version, you can easily decorate your bedroom with purples, lilacs, blacks, and silvers to continue the harmony throughout your space. Of course, any color palette will work quite nicely with a black-and-white photo print of a dew-covered flower petal. If you need a little inspiration, a pink lotus flower is a beautiful addition to any meditation space.

Water droplets on pretty flower petals.

“Lily flower” by MShades is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Zen Stones & Sand

Zen stones come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and textures. Find an image of the stones that speak to your soul, then have them turned into meditation wall murals that you can simply unroll and stick to your wall.

In practice that centers around Buddhism, Zen stones are part of Zen gardens. Coupled with carefully raked sand or gravel, these rocks are precisely placed one on top of each other, showcasing balance and peace. The symbolism of these stones and Zen gardens often represent Buddha, offering a gesture of strength and power. In gardens, the entries are marked by a large stone, which is known as an invitation and sign of welcome.

Edge of a Cliff

Just like the infinite view of water can set you free when you stare into the blue ripples of the ocean, the edge of a cliff can give you the kind of solitude necessary to focus on yourself and the thoughts that live within you.

When perched atop a cliff that lends itself to the middle of space, with the ground hundreds of miles beneath your feet, you’ll be taken to a place far away from your meditation room. Removable wall stickers can serve as the backdrop, building depth and tranquility into your space with an awe-inspiring view that will welcome you to explore your inner self each time you set eyes on it.

Sunflower Mandala

In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle”. This formation has no beginning and no end and has become a symbol of the universe and its energies. Tibetan monks create these archetypal templates to honor the natural cycles of life and death. Mandalas have many layers of meaning and have come to be shown as support in the meditative world.

Sacred Geometry Wall Mural

Choose an amazing sacred geometry wall mural to bring color and expressive energy into your meditation space. A combination of uniquely marbled boho colors can come together in a bold, yet watercolor-inspired way. Start your day every day with some time on your mat and a curiosity to see what the world has to offer you today, or step into your sleep clothes and thank the geometrical shapes for giving you the space to be yourself before you lay your head on the pillow.

If you don’t want a vinyl wall sticker, consider opting for canvas prints that bring in the colors and vibrant nature of the hues you’re trying to emulate. Focus on one piece for each chakra as you choose your wall decor so you can integrate art prints that speak to your body, mind, and spirit. You can go for glossy images or stick with matte prints. Either way, you’ll be saying, “Namaste” to a wall you love at the end of your practice.

Serene Rainbow Lens Bubbles

Let creatively photographed bubbles bring back a bit of childlike whimsy into your life as they float from ceiling to floor, offering an innocence and kindness you haven’t known since you were a wee little one. This kind of print is fun when it’s paired with an array of rainbow hues that invite a colorful feel to your spiritual or meditative area.

Rainbow lens bubble pieces are often best sellers because they can easily transition from peaceful, calm places to fun, vibrant spaces. Plus, they’re great for all age groups, which means you can also use them in your kids’ rooms or shared family spaces.

Home Spa Vibes

Introduce the concept of a spa into your very own space. With a background of candles, some soft-colored flowers, and a stack of Zen rocks, your in-home meditation room can feel like the kind of place you have to make an appointment for months in advance. Sneak away from the realities of your everyday world and embrace the power of peaceful serenity the moment you dim the lights and close the door behind you.

Create Your Own Meditative Space

Once you’ve decided on the theme for your meditation space, you can go on a mission to find the best images for your custom wall mural. Create your ultimate wishlist before you begin shopping for images so you know what kind of theme you’re looking for when you begin your journey. Since wall murals are low-cost, easy to apply, easy to remove, and customizable, they’re perfect for when you want to transform a space, and they’re especially ideal for your future yoga meditation room. Design the perfect wall mural for your yoga meditation space today!


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