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Due to many recent changes in laws, cannabis conventions and marijuana trade shows have been cropping up all over the country. Legalizing marijuana created a billion dollar industry, with states such as Colorado using the tax revenue for schools and opiate use prevention programs. Many of these cannabis events  are aimed at industry professionals such as  growers, business owners, and wholesalers, as well as education or activism niches. 

The future of the cannabis industry is large and promising, with an increasing number of states legalizing it each year. Trade shows and expos such as these are not only enlightening but valuable sources of education, resources, and community for those involved.

What is a Cannabis Convention?

A cannabis convention, often referred to as a trade show or industry conference, serves as a dynamic platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses within the cannabis market. It is a gathering designed to foster networking, education, and innovation amongst its attendees.

Exhibitors from across the spectrum of the cannabis industry – including growers, distributors, dispensary owners, and more – come together to showcase their products, share insights, and discuss the latest trends and regulatory updates affecting the market. These conventions provide a unique opportunity for those within the industry to connect, learn from one another, and explore potential business opportunities in an environment dedicated entirely to the advancement and growth of the cannabis sector. Through a series of workshops, keynote speeches, and exhibition booths, participants gain invaluable access to the cutting-edge of cannabis industry developments.

Top Cannabis Expos and Conferences to Attend in 2024

Below are the top three cannabis trade shows across the United States.

Cannabis expo attendees check out the latest industry trends.

Marijuana Business Conference

December 3-6, 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada

The MJBizCon, as it is often referred to, is for growers and entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry and provides a space for them to talk about growth opportunities and trends for their businesses. It’s aimed at helping along with the progress of the industry by speaking directly to cultivators and executives alike.

What will be happening:

This marijuana convention features an immersive show floor with speakers and industry leaders there to inform and prepare growers and entrepreneurs for this massive, thriving industry.

It includes round-table discussions with industry experts, keynote speakers, and tutorials to engross you in all aspects of the business. Don’t miss this amazing cannabis expo!

The Emerald Cup

May 4-5 2024, Oakland, California

The Emerald Cup has a reputation as one of the most recognized and respected cannabis conferences (technically, it’s a competition) in the world. The competition itself attracts farmers, experts, educators, business owners, as well as patients and recreational users.

What will be happening:

There will be a competition and award ceremony for the categories of:

  • Flower
  • CBD
  • Concentrates
  • Infused Products
  • Innovation
  • Terpenes
  • Farming

But this show isn’t just a competition. Attendees will be able to listen to live music, watch glass artists make pipes, listen to keynote speakers and experts, take advantage of networking opportunities, and learn about the business side of the cannabis industry.

The NoCo Hemp Expo

April 11-13, 2024 Estes Park, Colorado

The NoCo Hemp Expo is largely a cannabis business conference for business owners, growers, and wholesalers, a B2B event to support the growth of the industry. It will feature hundreds of brands, products, companies, and tools. It will also branch into other verticals that can benefit from the growth of the cannabis industry (including real estate, greenhouse manufacturers, agriculture, packaging, and more).

What will be happening:

This event is part B2B show, part educational forum, part career fair. It will include demonstrations, seminars, workshops, as well as opportunities to network.

FAQs for Attending a Cannabis Events

Why should you attend a cannabis business expo?

Attending a cannabis business expo is crucial for anyone involved in the cannabis world, offering unparalleled networking opportunities. It's a chance to meet like-minded individuals, learn from industry leaders, and discover the latest innovations. For cannabis companies, it's an invaluable platform to showcase their products and gain visibility.

What is it like at a cannabis convention?

A cannabis convention is a vibrant, educational, and inspiring experience held at large convention centers. Attendees can explore a wide range of exhibits, participate in workshops, and immerse themselves in the latest trends and products in the cannabis industry.

Why is it important to attend cannabis trade shows and expos?

Attending cannabis trade shows and expos is vital for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving cannabis market. It's an opportunity to network with industry pioneers, gain insights into market trends, and understand regulatory changes. For businesses, these events are key to fostering partnerships and showcasing their innovations to a wide audience.

What do you need to exhibit at a cannabis expo?

To exhibit at a cannabis expo, companies typically need a well-designed booth, complete with Trade Show Cutouts and custom cardboard cutouts to attract attention. Additionally, product samples, informative brochures, and a knowledgeable team are essential to effectively engage with attendees and make a lasting impression in the cannabis industry.

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