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Construction and manufacturing trade shows cover a wide scope of industry niches, branches, and hierarchies, resulting in a plethora of organized shows and expos to choose from. Organized for laborers, builders, designers, and innovators in the construction and manufacturing fields, there is something for everyone.

We’ve pulled together some of the most popular construction trade shows related mainly to the building, construction, farm and lawn equipment industries. Read on to learn more about some of the most anticipated manufacturing conferences of the year!

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Green Industry and Equipment Expo

October 15-18, 2024 - Louisville, Kentucky

The GIE+ EXPO uses over 500,000 square feet of turf and 850 exhibits to show off the latest technologies and advances in outdoor and building equipment, including tractors, mowers, saws, and trucks, as well as leisure items for homes. This manufacturing convention is geared toward dealers, retailers, contractors, landscapers, parks and recreation departments and distributors.

What will be happening:

There will be 20 acres dedicated to test-drives and demonstrations, but there will also be seminars geared towards growing your business.

International Builders Show 2024

February 27-29 2024 - Las Vegas, NV

The International Builders Show expands over 600,000 square feet and showcases the top and most innovative products and services from more than 1,500 suppliers and manufacturers. The show is designed to give you an inside look at the future of homes and home building, including a look at the newest trends in energy efficiency.

What will be happening:

There will be two show homes to tour as well as educational sessions led by industry experts in sales, marketing, construction, safety, and codes. There will also be an IBS House Party and Young Pro Party, as well as an IBS Closing Concert.

American Institute of Architects Conference

June 5-8, 2024 - Washington DC

The A’24 is an exploration into the future of our cities and hopes to create an environment that inspires pioneering designs. This major architecture conference draws the attendance of designers, architects, and entire firms dedicated to city design as well as concept futurists.

What will be happening:

The AIA Conference on Architecture returns to Washington DC in 2024 after being held in San Francisco in 2023.

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Showcasing the building, construction and equipment innovations of today and the near future, these trade shows highlight some of the latest and greatest products, services and demonstrations available. Don’t miss out on some of the amazing construction conferences happening this year!