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Las Vegas is designed for extravagant shows that draw thousands of people, which is why it is one of the most popular locations for trade shows of all kinds. For the purposes of this trade show list, we showcase the top three Las Vegas expos in the entertainment industry.

Las Vegas is home to many conventions.

AMAZING! Las Vegas Comic Con 2024

2024 Dates Coming Soon! - Las Vegas Convention Center

AMAZING! - It’s hard to do a run-down of Las Vegas conventions without including Comic Con, because while the Comic Con in San Diego is the most popular, Vegas can give it a run for its money.

Comic Con used to be a thing that was reserved for a very niche audience but has since branched out due to the rise of comic book movies such as “The Avengers” and tv shows like “The Walking Dead.”

What will be happening:

This Las Vegas trade show includes hundreds of booths selling all things comic book related. You’ll also be able to hear from celebrity guests from your favorite shows, movies, and comics. There will be panels and live interviews, as well as episode previews and clips.


February 13-15, 2024 - Las Vegas Convention Center

At MAGIC you’ll find luxury brands, the hottest trends, and exemplary makeup. But of course, because it’s fashion, you’ll also see some of the most engaging and innovative exhibits and shows. It’s a Las Vegas conference that attracts artists, designers, buyers, makeup artists, stylists, celebrities, models, and photographers - the most fabulous in the industry and the top-notch in luxury.

What will be happening:

The entertainment industry isn’t just about movies, celebrities, clubs, and festivals - it also includes the fashion industry. This means shoes, clothes, jewelry, hats, fabrics, makeup, and much more. Some unique things you’ll find at this show include:

  • Fashion shows
  • Photo areas where you can get your picture taken by professional photographers
  • Printing areas where you can design your own shirts
  • Virtual sporting areas
  • Live concerts
  • Pool party

 And of course… plenty of shopping.

Nightclub & Bar Show

March 18-20, 2024

The Nightclub & Bar Show might create a few presuppositions. And truly, it might be the least surprising thing to hear that professionals in the bar and nightlife industry get together annually for a massive conference with more than 600 exhibitors.

But the true purpose of this event is to hold seminars designed to help thousands of nightclub and bar owners, professionals, and experts grow in their industry.

What will be happening:

There will be some things that you’re expecting, such as parties, back of house tours at some premium hotels and clubs in Vegas, a golf tournament, and concerts, but there will also be seminars focused on:

  • Developing a menu
  • Handling dietary requests
  • How to handle social media
  • The future of alcohol
  • The value of tech-driven entertainment
  • Creating bar programs
  • How to prevent theft
  • Taxes, real estate, and lawsuit protection

And much more.


Las Vegas is home to magic, lights, and glittering nightlife. It showcases the glitz and glamor of stage shows of all kinds, from music and magic shows to dance and demonstrations. The city hosts hundreds of expos throughout the year in addition to the ones mentioned above. Whether you’re a performer, nightclub owner, entertainment industry professional or someone who just enjoys the town, there is something for you to see and experience at a Vegas trade show this year.