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POP & POS Marketing Displays

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Point of purchase marketing includes two types of displays: POP (point of purchase) and POS (point of sale). They have important differences to note. While POP displays take up space on the floor within a retailer’s location, POS displays are typically smaller and placed at or near the POS counter. Both are essential tools in point of purchase marketing.

POP Displays

POP displays come in a variety of forms, creating opportunities for virtually any retail or event scenario. A few important factors of POP displays:

  • They communicate small bursts of information so intriguing or valuable that consumers just cannot say no to them, and/or they educate buyers about other options they may not have yet considered.
  • They should be clear, detailed enough to command and grab attention, and well-made to last.
  • Most importantly, in-store displays need to resonate well with target customers.

POS Displays

POS displays go a step further to provide very specific instruction or marketing targeted at the customer standing at the purchase point. Retail point of sale displays should be designed well to resonate with buyers, offering them a little something extra to take home.

Great Displays Lead to Upsell Success

Promotional displays that employ the above work very well at enticing buyers into purchasing more or adding onto their order. Keep reading through our POP display resources to learn more about specific types of displays and how they can work for you.