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Designed to fit most countertops, POP countertop displays provide an easy way to position products right by the consumer during the purchase process. These retail counter displays work best as a way to display smaller products. Here are a few benefits to using custom counter displays in your retail space.

Sample of POP countertop display.

Custom Counter Displays Help Products Gain Exposure

One of the best ways to use a custom counter display is to showcase a product that does not always get as much attention. This type of exposure, whether for an existing or a new product, can help educate consumers about why this product is worthwhile, making them more inclined to add it onto their existing purchase

Motivate Sellers to Keep Product Stocked

As POP counter displays are smaller, they hold fewer products. However, because they are placed right in front of the consumer during checkout, they are more likely to remain stocked than those tucked into the back corner of the shop. If your product continues to sell, the retailer will likely continue to fill the display to keep the product in front of consumers. These are typically very effective POP displays – helping retailers sell products simply and effectively right when the consumer is ready to pay for his or her purchase.

Side view of counter top POP display.

Upsell Opportunities & Purchase Add-Ons

Store counter display models help to raise the purchase value of many consumers. As people stand in line at the counter to ring out or to place an order, they can easily see, read, and learn about a product through the store counter display. This encourages a purchase. You should make your counter displays attractive to the eye to capture attention and increase interest on a consistent basis.

Drives Customer Engagement and Interaction

Point of purchase countertop displays can be as interactive and engaging as you would like. Don’t be afraid to make them unique. The more interesting they are, the more likely they will stand out in a crowded countertop. Bright graphics, unique designs, and even wood frames are a few of the ways POS counter displays can work for your needs. Design them to provide information and teach your consumers about a product. If the countertop is a beauty stand or a display case, there’s more room to offer an interactive display that teaches the consumer about the options available.

Cardboard Countertop Displays Can Increase Sales

Designed to provide information that is easy to take in, cardboard countertop displays are an inexpensive yet effective way to increase sales. Cardboard counter displays can hold a wide range of smaller products in them, allowing you to fully utilize this valuable retail space.

Creatively Display Merchandise for Maximum Impact

It's possible to use counter POP displays for more than just small items. You can also feature heavier items and those with odd shapes – from bottles to boxes. The key is to design the POP counter displays specifically to hold a good selection of merchandise in a small, tight space. Working with a trusted professional, you can create a custom counter display that stores small items – from jewelry to packs of gum – to larger items, including lotion bottles, hair products, and candy.

With the help of counter signage and custom POP displays, you can create a temporary promotional or permanent fixture to showcase products you want consumers to pick up as they are checking out.