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Cardboard standee marketing displays are highly effective retail marketing solutions as they provide a fun and interesting way to grab the attention of those walking by. You can design them in many ways to tailor them to your retail location. Consider how well a cardboard display standee can work for your needs!

What Are Cardboard Standee Displays?

Easily customizable, the goal of cardboard standee point of sale displays is to sell your product via attention-grabbing graphics, colors, shapes, and designs that showcase your merchandise.

To accomplish this, bright or fun graphics often work best to catch your customer’s eye. Most of the time, cardboard standees are larger or life-sized display stands, made to promote a specific product or message. They are self-standing, so they don’t rely on shelving or other mechanisms to hold them in place, and are quite durable. You can use these advertising displays to meet most needs!

Below you can see some examples of standee displays.

A collection of different Point of Sale standee displays to promote business.

A cardboard face cutout display for a for children and pictures.

How Are Cardboard Standee Displays Made?

With the help of your designer and some online tools (such as our Standee Designer) you can easily transform your marketing display vision into a real-life high-quality cardboard standee. All you need to get started is a solid idea of the size and purpose of the standee, along with a clear photo.

Standees themselves can be made out of a range of materials, including corrugate, wood and metal, but cardboard standees are some of the best solutions for lower-cost production. They are very durable and work very well, even in busy retail locations or high traffic areas.

How to Use Custom Cardboard Displays to Your Advantage

First, talk to your designers about your options and what you’re looking for in your cardboard display. Make sure your design aligns with your marketing goals and is straightforward.

Next, understand how your product will be best promoted by your standee. For instance, are you marketing one specific item, such as a book, that the cardboard floor display will feature by holding copies and encouraging a last-minute checkout purchase? How will you customize the display to showcase your merchandise?

Now consider the amount of floor space you can dedicate to your cardboard product display. Know the dimensions of your space available. Generally speaking, cardboard standee displays should stand out and make a statement, so it’s important that they have enough room close to the actual point of purchase to reach customers.

However, if you’re going smaller than life-size, something like a tabletop cardboard display can be very impactful when used to market a product close to where consumers may be seated or come to talk to staff at a trade show booth. Of course, know the amount of space you are willing to dedicate alongside your merchandise in these instances.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Cardboard standee displays provide a wide range of benefits. You can also transform them into fantastic advertising displays featuring interactive elements that encourage people to learn, touch, and explore products or information.

Though some limitations exist, cardboard point of purchase displays can help to educate your customers, encourage them to buy, or even help them to get a good laugh from the fun graphics, taglines or interactive media used.


Cardboard standee displays work because they stand out from what’s around them. They command attention and draw the eye, eliciting a reaction. Your business can benefit from using them to make a statement, promote your branding and merchandise, and engage your customers in a memorable way. Create your standee or check out our guide to get started today.