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In some situations, you don’t need a POP display that actually holds the product. Rather, you want your message to get through to your potential buyer with a sign.

Point of purchase banners help to communicate a message clearly. Not only are they highly effective, but they are easy to create as well. A pop-up banner can provide a fast way to get consumers to learn about anything. Read on to learn more about POP banner basics and how to make them work for you.

Point of purchase banner in frame.

What Are POP Banners?

POP display banners work like any other type of POP display marketing. They’re positioned at or close to the checkout area, and can be designed to contain any type of information necessary, based on what you hope to promote. The key to their success comes from creating an eye-catching, well-designed ad.

You may hear POP banner displays referred to as “pop up banners.” This term implies that the banner will appear suddenly in the background of the selling area. That is, they interrupt the traditional visual field with a sudden promotional message - they pop out of the retailer’s aisles to demonstrate an important message and they stand out among the other graphics used in the area. This type of feature grabs the attention of the user quickly, giving them the ability to stop and notice your product or message.

Why POP Banners Work

There are plenty of benefits to using point of purchase display banners. Use them when you want to remind customers of a promotion as they enter the retail location, to provide a mission statement for your company, or as a way to brand your professional service.

They can also be very functional. For instance, pop up banners can direct people to where a meeting is being held or showcase a welcome sign for a seminar.

POP display banners work best when they engage your audience through a visual or interactive component. To decide what will be most effective for your goals, consider the common types of point of purchase banners below.

Common Types of POP Banner Displays

Views of point of purchase banner.

Retractable Banner Display

A retractable banner display is a simple way to show any type of ad you desire, including branding and promotions. Designed to be unique and to stand up on its own, it tends to be thinner than a traditional POP display. However, it can offer two-sided communication in a distinctive manner. Retractable banner displays are typically available in numerous sizes to fit just about any area.

Roll Up Display Banner

Roll up display banners work just as their name implies – rolling up into place when you want to display them. They traditionally stand on their own with thin footing. They do not take up much floor space but can offer a lot of information in a prominent manner. With many colors and graphic options, roll up display banners effectively call attention to any space.

Tabletop Retractable Banner Display

A tabletop retractable banner display is a smaller display meant to be placed on the table your customers use or interact with. Whether used in a restaurant or a desk in an office, this type of display is an easy way to feature a specific message or promotion while a person is seated (or standing). You can open and close the banner as need be to display your message when and where you want.

Pull-Down Banner Display

A pull-down banner display works much like a window blind. When you wish to show the ad, simply pull down on the display and it unrolls to showcase your marketing message. In this way, pull down banner displays are very similar to roll up banner displays, as they show the information only on an as-needed basis. They can be positioned on windows, walls, or in a stand that holds them on their own.

Stand-Alone Banner Display

Stand-alone banner displays work very well for hallways or other areas where there is a significant amount of space in which you want to present a clear message to customers. These banners can fit most needs, whether it is in branding a company’s mission statement or conveying a current ad or promotional offer. They can capture attention in a matter of seconds as a person enters a room or leaves it.

How to Choose a Pop Up Banner Design

With custom printed graphics and beautiful details, POP display banners work well to communicate your message, create instant impact and recognition, and result in sales. Banners are hard to ignore and provide significant effect within a limited amount of floor space, making them a valuable marketing asset. Here’s how to go about starting to choose what’s right for your campaign.

Know Your Goals

When selecting a pop-up banner to use within your space, first define the goals of the banner. Will it provide branding, sales messages, promotional offers, or something else? Choose the type of banner you’ll be using based on how effectively it will engage your particular audience.

Understanding how the specific types of banners function is key to gauging how well they can engage your customers.

For example, vertical display banners are the most common type of banner you’ll see. They take up floor to ceiling space (though few span the entire height of your wall) and provide a big, blank area to fill with images and graphics. Will this effectively catch your customers’ eye?

A retractable pop up banner can be opened and closed, giving you the ability to display the ad when you want to and remove it when you don’t. Yet another option is a roll-up display banner, which tends to be mounted from the ceiling area and pulled down. This allows for easy control over the ad or message. Will your messaging be seasonal or on and off? If so, these types of banners could be a good option for you.

Define Your Space

Note the amount of space that you will dedicate to the banner. Consider the amount of floor space to determine what the optimal banner dimensions should be, particularly keeping the size of the floor stand in mind (it should fit easily within the space you have allotted for and not intrude on walkways and aisles). Of course, also be aware of the banner’s overall width and height to ensure that it will fit comfortably within your space.

Portable vs Permanent Displays

Then ask, how will the banner be held in place, and how portable does it need to be?

Some banners can be moved easily from one area to the next, making them easy to transport as needs change. Others are more permanent and tend to be anchored to the walls or the ceiling, allowing you to switch out any graphics they hold as needed (for areas you want to maintain messaging that may change at times, this more permanent solution works well).

Whether portable or permanent, in many cases, banners can be stand-alone fixtures. If this is the case, you need to purchase banner display stands, which hold the banner in place. Stands should be heavy enough to prevent the banner from falling over but lightweight enough to be very portable.

Getting the Ideal Solution in Place

When it comes to choosing the best POP display banner, it’s helpful to work with your team. Having the right people to verify your goals are being served with the most effective design and messaging, at the right time and in the right place, is the most important part of your marketing campaign.

Discuss and decide the type of POP display banner that will best suit your business needs, be it to make a statement on a back wall with specific branding, or to provide directional signage to your customers. The sky’s the limit!