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Consumers love video. Most people watch numerous videos throughout any given day on their smartphones, televisions, tablets, and laptops. So, it makes sense that video should be a part of your point of purchase displays and overall marketing strategy.

The process is not as complex as you may imagine, either. With numerous options available for POP video displays, it’s possible to create an interactive, attention-grabbing marketing solution that reaches more people passing through an area than any other mediums available.

POP video displays provide the shopper with product details.

What Is a Point of Purchase Video Display?

The goal of all POP marketing is to create a visual that appeals to a consumer walking by, so he or she stops, learns, and buys. There are many ways to grab your passing customer’s attention, but one of the most effective is to catch their eye with an interesting, well-placed video. POS video displays accomplish this with real video taking place on the display itself.

Point of sale video display is highly effective because it does the job of a salesperson standing in the room. Instead of having to pay someone to encourage a customer to buy, the video does all the work of showcasing the product, drawing in customers to learn more about it, and enhancing the product experience. Learn the various ways to leverage video display to increase sales in a retail establishment below.

Product Demonstrations

A POP video display can work as an explanation video or a product demonstration. The video itself can contain information about a new product or a more complex product that is not easy to explain on the package itself. It communicates the product’s function and benefits by showing the consumer how it works. Intrigued, the consumer makes a purchase.

POP video displays and demonstrate the product.

Much like an infomercial, this type of video is highly engaging for products such as health and beauty products, cleaning products, or anything that needs an explanation.

Commercial-Like Videos

Point of purchase video display ads can also be commercial-like. That is, they can showcase products and upsell them to consumers. Some companies may elect to employ the current commercial video they are using for this type of in-store display in the hopes of building its brand or communicating a product’s benefits. Commercial-like videos are very versatile in terms of how they can work.

Interactive Videos

Interactive POP video displays are excellent opportunities to grab and engage customers, as they require the consumer to interact with the display by pressing buttons or toggling through options. For new companies launching interesting products, this is a good way to allow the consumer to remain in control over what is happening.

How Point of Purchase Video Displays Work

Many times, a point of sale video display will be featured on a tablet-like computer. They may also run on monitors or screens. Much larger versions can operate with several connected screens placed next to each other to create a fantastic wall-like display (this can work well for larger retailers).

For most retailers, however, a smaller POP video display works best. A tablet or single screen can be embedded into a cardboard POP display. The actual display works to communicate the product and does the heavy lifting via branding. The video plays as a component of that display.

Together, the display works to educate and sell. With the video component providing the information, the display makes merchandise instantly accessible to the buyer. It can also be used to display numerous products that the consumer can learn about as they toggle through the video displayed on the tablet.

Key Benefits of POP Video Displays

There are many benefits to using a point of purchase video display. Most notably, they play video and sound on an ongoing basis, allowing the consumer walking by to notice it. They do not have to be so loud as to hinder communication in the space, though.

Interactive versions of a POP video display can easily communicate information based on what the customer wants. With the push of a button, the display comes to life, providing details both audibly and visually, creating an easy connection with consumers.

Perhaps most importantly, POS video displays stand the test of time. You can easily update the cardboard displays and other graphics while modernizing the video playback. This makes it possible for you to regularly adapt the video as your promotions change.


It’s worthwhile to learn more about how a point of purchase video display can provide the information and interaction your consumer needs to make important buying decisions within a retail establishment. Customized to fit any size space, they can work very well for most product needs.