Anniversary Standee & Couple Cardboard Cutout Reviews

Anniversary Cardboard Cutout Reviews

Anniversary cardboard cutouts are the perfect way to celebrate the couple's big milestone. Take the couple back to their wedding day with a standup made from an old wedding photo. Or, get a couple cutout from another memorable occasion in your life, such as the two of you as children, your high school prom, or on your first date. These are life size cardboard cutouts that will make you feel like you were actually there! Couples custom life size cutouts are perfect for photo opportunities for anniversaries, graduation parties, baby showers, and milestone birthday parties.  Read what our customers and happy couples have to say about their experience with our cutouts for anniversaries.

Photo Reviews 


"My parent’s surprise 40th wedding anniversary party. They loved their cutout!!!"

"Celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary!"


Kelly B., Kennewick, WA on 10/30/19

Tami H. on 9/1/19

"Standee Steve did a wonderful job officiating our 20th anniversary vow renewal in Key Largo last week."

"Phil was a huge hit at my son and daughter in law's wedding! Thank you! Phil danced the night away!"


Sherri W. on 1/27/19

Lois B. on 11/8/18


"Best!!!! We had so much fun with our standees at our wedding!!! I think we convinced a lot of people they need them too."

"My parent's 50th Anniversary party! Standee was a huge hit!"


Jennifer H. on 10/9/18


Rachel R. on 9/11/18


"50th wedding anniversary! Then and now!"

"Got this from the professionals, thought I'd share"


Mindy L. on 1/1/18

Caroline A., Boca Raton, FL on 11/29/17







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