Graduation Cutouts Reviews

A Cardboard cutout is the perfect addition to any graduation party.  Show off your graduate with a graduation cutout.  We can help you get ready for the party with a graduation cap cutout.  Read below to see what our customers had to say about their experience with our graduation cutouts.

Photo Reviews

"My 2 Dallas' were at the party! Go Bucks! ##19snumber1fan"

"He was so happy with his Standee!"

Football Graduation Custom Standee

Graduation Cardboard Cutout


"Thank you you're awesome you're the best have a fabulous day!!!!"

"Thank you very much, I truly appreciate the kind gesture ! Looking forward to receiving the cutout for my sons graduation party !"


Leanne Z., Fort Lauderdale, FL on 5/11/17

Tina A., Macomb, MI on 5/8/17

"Well, you guys did a great job. I'll definitely drop your name if people want to know who printed the standee. Thanks again!"

"Just wanted to let you know my cardboard son showed up on time this afternoon. Thanks for all your help with this and will certainly tell my friends about your company."


Vince D., Pittsburgh, PA on 5/4/17

Dick S., Felton, PA on 4/19/17


 "Having a Cardboard Cutout Standee at our son's graduation party was a blast! Guests used it for photo-ops and it was a hit with the kids. It was almost too realistic -- at least two guests started a conversation with it before realizing it wasn't a real person!"

Laureen C., Shorewood, IL on 12/26/16

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