Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. This is where you start your day on a high note — and it’s where you unwind before tucking in for a restful night’s sleep.

If your bedroom leaves a lot to be desired, don’t despair; it’s possible to up the ante on a modest budget. The right bedroom decorating ideas will ensure that this space lives up to its full potential. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the most transformative bedroom makeover ideas:

1. Change Your Bedding

On the hunt for an immediate makeover that also makes you feel more comfortable at night? Why not change up your bedding? From comforters to duvet covers and even pillowcases, everything should be fair game. Think carefully about both style and function. The right bedding will not only support your preferred aesthetic but also, help you get more shut-eye.


2. Use Accent Throw Pillows

It’s amazing what a few strategically placed throw pillows can accomplish. These quintessential accessories are popular for a reason: they instantly add personality to any space. What’s more, they’re easy to switch, so you can make immediate aesthetic changes as you see fit. These work nicely as accents, particularly if your color scheme is dominated by neutrals.

Pink bedding with throw pillows.

I Love This Bed!” by Jennifer Hulse is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

There’s no better way to undermine an otherwise beautiful bedroom design than to obscure it with clutter. Often, a simple clean is more effective than any changes in paint color, layout, or decor. This is an especially important step for a small space, in which just one or two extra items can quickly get in the way.

If you struggle with clutter, begin small. Spend ten minutes examining objects and determining which ones you want to keep, which you prefer to donate, and which should be tossed. Just a few minutes per day can have a big impact.


4. Rearrange Bedroom Furniture

Now that unsightly bedroom clutter is out of the way, it’s time to play with your room’s layout. This might mean moving your bed, your dresser, or your bedside tables around. You’ll quickly discover that the right setup can provide far more usable space while also making your room feel more open. What works in one room may not be ideal in the next, so you may need to experiment with a few layouts before you find the right look.


5. Add Key Focal Points

Before you invest in new furniture, lighting, or decor, pinpoint one or two focal points you’d like to emphasize. The bed and headboard are natural options, of course, but there are plenty of other places to draw attention.

Consider splurging a bit on these pieces while scaling back the remainder of your room. This will help you stretch your budget while also upping the wow factor. Opportunities for focal points include:

  • Dramatic pendant lights or chandeliers
  • Tapestry behind the bed
  • A bright paint color to create an accent wall
  • Canopy on the bed
  • Bookshelf with all your favorite titles
  • Vanity and chair

Play up focal points by using bold colors or accent lighting. Nearby furniture or accessories should be toned down so that they don’t compete with areas of emphasis. Do it right, and your bedroom will look both streamlined and sophisticated.

Bedroom with great wall decor.

Bedroom” by dansays is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

6. Lay Down a Rug

Don’t neglect your bedroom’s flooring. When in doubt, opt for a rug. This will add dimension and contrast while also giving you somewhere comfy to place your bare feet when you wake up in the morning.

Before you select a rug, look carefully at the dimensions. What is ‘ideal’ will depend somewhat on whether you place the bed directly over the rug or simply nearby. The size of your bedroom and the use of other furniture will also come into play. A large area rug is always preferable for a small bedroom. In a sizable space, however, any rug will do as long as there are at least eight inches of space between the wall and the end of the rug.


7. Enhance Bedroom Lighting

Draw attention to your bedroom’s most impressive feature with help from different types of lights. These can be layered to ensure that you always have the right lighting for the mood you wish to set or the activity you hope to enjoy.

Begin with ambient lighting, which creates a lovely backdrop. This may involve natural light from windows or skylights, although pendant lights, ceiling lights, and floor lamps should also be included. Task lighting should be provided near your bed, while accent lights can draw attention to gallery walls or other detail-oriented features.


8. Repaint Your Bed Frame

Is your bed frame starting to look worn? Take this opportunity to apply a new coat of paint. This will freshen up your bed and just might bring it more in line with your own personal sense of style. You may need to clean the bed frame and remove loose paint before you begin this DIY project, which also involves adding and applying primer. This is a wonderful home improvement initiative for beginners and can be undertaken not only in your master bedroom but also, in otherwise neglected guest bedrooms.


9. Refresh Your Room With Plants

Bring the outdoors in with help from lovely houseplants. Not only do these make your bedroom look more welcoming, but they can also actually have a positive impact on your mental health.

Don’t worry if you typically struggle to keep plants alive; you just need to select the right varieties. When in doubt, look for something hardy that will thrive even if neglected. Succulents, aloe, and peace lilies are wonderful options for beginners.


10. Create Your Own Wall Art

Paintings and posters are among the most expensive types of home decor, but they are by no means the only types of coverings available. There are plenty of affordable takes on wall art, including customizable options that reflect your unique personality.

Removable decals and murals work wonderfully when you’re determined to maintain a strict budget but also want to play with a variety of design ideas. Easy to apply and even easier to remove, these accessories never leave residue behind.

Ready to transform your bedroom? At Cardboard Cutout Standees, we offer an easy customization process so you can create wall art you adore. Get started today or reach out to learn more.

Custom wall mural in bedroom.


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