You dream of a picture-perfect wedding, complete with a gorgeous dress, beautiful bouquets, and smiles on the faces of every guest. A stunning backdrop can instantly level up your nuptials, but what if your venue leaves a lot to be desired? Not everybody can book a beach wedding or a sophisticated ballroom. Thankfully, a little accessorizing can make a world of difference.

The easiest and most stress-free way to bring extra glamour to your wedding? Ordering cardboard cutouts. These work wonders for every part of the wedding experience. We’re not just talking about the ceremony and reception — cutouts are also wonderful for engagement celebrations, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, and groom’s dinners. Keep reading to learn about the most clever options for using wedding cardboard cutouts as you prepare for a lifetime of love.


Wedding Decor

On the hunt for a unique way to add visual interest to your wedding ceremony or reception? As one of the most underutilized forms of wedding decor, cutouts are incredibly versatile and cost-effective. They can be as simple or elegant as you desire — and they can easily fit within any color scheme imaginable. Amplify floral accessories with vibrant cutouts, which are a lot easier (and less expensive) to order and manage than your average bouquet.

Cutouts work especially well for whimsical or downright silly weddings. These days, anything goes for your big day — and it’s perfectly acceptable to get goofy and show off party decorations that reflect your unique personality. For example, some brides or grooms have gotten a laugh by displaying (and posing next to) cutouts of their celebrity crushes. Famous movie or TV weddings are also fair game, especially for a themed wedding. Think Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Doctor Who.

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People or Pet Cutouts

Planning a guest list is never easy, but this process is made even more complex by an unfortunate reality: not everyone you want at the wedding will actually be able to attend. Distance, finances, and busy schedules may all conspire to prevent some of your favorite people from showing up for your big day. At any time of year, this is inevitable; would-be guests are bound to get sick or have other obligations.

Loved ones will be there in spirit, of course, but their physical form can also be present if you print their likeness in cutout form. If nothing else, you can pose alongside these special cutouts in your wedding garb — and send the photos to those who were unable to join you on your big day.

Pet absences are also a common source of anguish. Your cat or dog is an integral part of your family — and yet, unless you’ve booked an exceptionally accommodating venue, these four-legged friends must be left home. While dogs are increasingly used as adorable ring bearers or flower girls, there’s no guarantee that your canine companion will be present for your vows. Pet cutouts will provide a powerful reminder of your favorite pets and the important role they play in your life.

A pet cardboard cutout at a wedding.

Wedding Receptions

After you’ve said “I do,” it’s time to celebrate! Get the party started with life-size cutouts that let wedding guests know that they’re in for a good time. In most cases, these cutouts will appear more laid-back than their ceremony counterparts, although sophisticated options are certainly available.

Many of the ideas highlighted above work equally well for ceremonies and receptions, including themed cutouts, floral images, and standups featuring your favorite people and pets. At this point in the festivities, cutouts can also be used to communicate important details about the reception. Add text or even dry-erase capabilities to help you direct guests and keep the reception flowing smoothly.

Cardboard cutouts at a wedding reception.

Photo Booth Props

Even if your wedding is formal, you can find creative ways to build cardboard cutouts into this special occasion. A diverse array of cutouts can be used for posing purposes, including full-sized cutouts, BigHeads, or photo stand-ins. The goal is to encourage guests to let loose and share their silly side. Use cutouts as both the props and the backdrop. The result will be a memorable photo booth that feels true to your personality.

Wedding photo booth props.

Wedding Day Keepsakes

You’ll treasure memories of your nuptials long after you’ve tied the knot. Photo albums and wedding rings provide wonderful reminders of this special day, but as you navigate the highs and lows of marriage, you’ll also desire the occasional laugh. Cardboard cutouts can form the basis of excellent keepsakes, including not only the cutouts themselves, but also, silly images made possible by these accessories.

BigHeads are always a winner, as are lifesize cardboard cutouts depicting the bride and groom in all their glory. Otherwise, be sure to print some high-quality pictures of you and your sweetheart in the photo booth or posing with photo stand-ins. Similarly, both cutouts and the photos they promote make excellent wedding favors, particularly for your bridal party.


How it Works

If you’re intrigued by the wedding cutout ideas highlighted above, it’s time to start planning the perfect accessories for your special day. Thankfully, this should be one of the easiest parts of preparing for your wedding. Yes, cutouts are technically a DIY solution, but that doesn’t mean you’ll go it alone.

All you need to do is upload high-quality images on the Cardboard Cutout Standees website and set a few simple specifications. Exceptional quality is non-negotiable for your big day, so be sure to select foam core. For an outdoor wedding, however, Bubble-X plastic may be preferable. It’s worth your while to invest in editing, as you’ll want every detail to be perfect when you say “I do.”

As we’ve mentioned, fun (and useful) options such as text and dry-erase are also available. We’ll take care of the rest, so you can feel confident that your cutouts make their mark during your ceremony and reception.

This is the perfect time to get several to-do’s from your wedding checklist taken care of. We’d love to help you plan and throw the wedding of your dreams. Get started today or contact us to learn more.


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