Grad Lifesize CutoutA graduate cardboard cutout can be the life of the party. A standee of the guest of honor greeting people as they arrive is a sure way of starting your event off right.

Display standees of your graduate from significant moments in his or her life – the time they made the baseball team, got that part in the school play, or won the science competition. This is a sure way of getting the conversation going as friends and family reminisce about those special occasions.

But why stop there? Filling the room with standees of the party’s guests is a fun way of memorializing the big event. Friends will have a great time with these cardboard cutouts, placing themselves in conversational groups and taking scores of ‘selfies’.

To add even more to the fun, you can use a life size cutout for a custom photo opportunity. We can make your standee into a photo booth with a face cutout or with the head removed for a stand-in option. Friends and family can stand behind the cutout and become a superhero, a fireman, or a pilot. A cutout of a graduate in cap and gown is another great way to capture that important moment. And the younger ones at the party may want to see what they’ll look like when they hit this milestone in their own lives.

Football Graduation CutoutFor these options, you may want to select the full-body life sized cutout or the standee that includes the background printed on a full rectangular sheet. This sizing will enable your guests to best hide behind the image for that perfect picture.

Does your graduate have a favorite anime character, cartoon, or superhero? Invite them to the party. A cardboard cutout standee of a favorite celebrity is sure to bring smiles to the faces of your graduate and their friends.

Grad Photo CutoutThen there are the other important people in the graduate’s life who are there in mind and spirit but cannot actually attend. This might be grandpa or grandma now living thousands of miles away or a brother or sister overseas in the military. As long as you have an image to send us, we can make you a standee of anyone so they can be remembered on that day.

Add a speech or thought bubble to each standee to include a humorous, inspirational, or personal quote. Or, if you’d like to leave your options open, choose the dry erase whiteboard option so you can write and change your message on the spur of the moment.

These standees offer a great opportunity for fun and for memories. Take pictures with the different cutouts and share them with family and friends.

Standees of movie stars have graced the foyers of cinemas for years. Human cutouts appear in shopping malls, car dealerships, and convention centers. Now you can enjoy these same kind of cutouts for any event or purpose you desire.

From New Years to Christmas and all the special days in-between cardboard cutouts are perfect for any occasion.

Senior Photo CutoutEntertain guests with standees of the bride and groom at a wedding. Cutouts are fun for anniversaries and birthday parties. Let your imagination be your guide.

You’ll find the realism of the lifesize standee is almost unbelievable.

Lifesize Cardboard Cutout Standees comes in three different choices of material:

Coated Cardboard – this is the standard and most economical material and is the best option for indoor use and moderate handling

Foam Core – this option provides the highest and sharpest print quality

Corrugated Plastic – if you need your cutout to withstand the elements and want it to last for multiple events, this material will not fade and will look great for years

No matter the material you select, each cutout comes with its own sturdy stand.

Here’s how it works:

You send us your photo

Our team of trained professionals will take that image and create your personalized cutout utilizing the latest printing and cutting technology.

Your Standee is ready to be shipped the very next day.

With Graduation Cardboard Cutouts you’ll turn that big day into a milestone event they’ll always remember. Whether the graduation party is for completing elementary school, high school, or college these novel “guests” add a festive, fun touch when you’re celebrating these exciting accomplishments.

Stuck at home during graduation season? Here are some great ideas for celebrating graduates while social distancing!


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