The year’s most memorable films are often released during the holidays, when the magic of the season encourages moviegoers to dive into a whole new world. What better way to celebrate than by checking out the new Cats movie? Premiering on December 20, 2019, this quirky musical promises to incorporate all the elements we love about the original, while also bringing hot new choreography and special effects into the mix.

The celebration need not end with merely attending the movie. Cats’ over-the-top nature lends itself to parties, which can feature cat-themed treats, games, and decorations. Oversized cut-outs bring additional excitement to these special occasions by encouraging attendees to dive into the feline festivities of Cats.

Cat-Themed Party Ideas

Highly versatile, Cats can form the basis of a variety of special events. Don’t hesitate to bring feline cheer to your neighborhood with one of these exciting occasions!

Movie Watch Parties

Why wait for the new Cats to come out on DVD or make an appearance on streaming services? Host a watch party to view older versions of the hit musical in the meantime! Once the new movie does start streaming, you’ll want to invite loved ones over for the ultimate watch party. Until then, you can always celebrate at home before heading out together to hit up the movie theater.

Cats musical cast.

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Pet Adoption Events or Celebrations

Are you determined to get people to adopt pets in need? Or would you like to celebrate the recent adoption of a furry friend? Either way, the Cats musical provides the perfect basis for a pet adoption party.

Parties in Honor of Your Cat

You celebrate your birthday every year, but what about your beloved feline? Mark this special occasion with a party based on the hit musical. This option is ideal for outgoing cats who love to be the center of attention, but you can also to celebrate your skittish pet — just don’t expect him or her to be present for the entire party.

Birthday Parties

On the hunt for a truly original birthday party theme? You can’t go wrong with Cats. Fresh and engaging, your party will have you feeling like a cat with nine lives, no matter how old you’re actually turning in human years.

Throwing the Purrfect Cats Bash for Humans

A lot of planning goes into a killer party, but it will all prove worthwhile in the end. As you prepare for the ultimate Cats celebration, keep the following essentials in mind.


Cats is a larger-than-life production, so there’s no room for skimping with your party. Don’t hesitate to go all out with the decor. Cardboard cutouts featuring cats will deliver instant whimsy to your celebration! Set up a photo booth with cat hole-in-head cutouts, where your guests can pose to their heart’s delight.

Food And Drinks

Kibble may be fine for your four-legged friends, but the human attendees at your Cats party will want something fancier. Cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops can all be designed to resemble cute kitties. If you crave a salty snack, serve Goldfish crackers or provide a cheese and cracker tray accompanied by small plush mice toys.

Cat cupcakes for a cat party!

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Milk-themed drinks are hilarious at cat parties. Traditional or chocolate milk can be served to young guests, while the adults enjoy milk punch, cream cocktails, or white Russians. Black cat cocktails featuring cola, cranberry juice, and vodka or brandy will also prove a hit.

Games And Activities

It’s easy to plan for a watch party, as the movie itself forms the main entertainment. With other parties, however, you’ll want to supply additional activities to keep guests happy. Trivia is a great option for hardcore Cats fans, who can answer questions about the movie and the original musical. During Cats karaoke, brave attendees can sing along to favorite numbers. Don’t forget pin the tail on the cat, featuring a cutout of either your favorite character or a real-world feline!

Planning Your Cat’s Dream Party

What if your cat is the guest of honor at your party? While planning this unique occasion, consider not only what will make human attendees happy, but also what you can do to make the honored feline as comfortable and at ease as possible.

Who to Invite

When in doubt, a smaller crowd is better for parties involving your four-legged friend. While some cats love attention, others will naturally shy away from crowds. Stick with invitees who clearly love cats and are eager to show the guest of honor some love — but won’t be offended if your cat doesn’t reciprocate.

Cat Games and Toys

Your cat just might form the central form of entertainment at your party. Offer plenty of enticing toys and treats to make mingling with humans as enjoyable as possible. Catnip is key, of course, but you’ll also want to provide cardboard boxes, cat tunnels, fishing pole toys, and other favorites. Set the scene with BigHead cutouts featuring your cat’s adorable face. Help guests fit in by providing cardboard cat ears they can wear for the entirety of the event.BigHead cat cutouts are great for a cat party.

Gifts and Donations

Guests may be eager to leave your VIF (very important feline) special gifts. The only problem? Picky cats might not show any interest in their presents. Consider requesting donations to the humane society or other cat-oriented charities instead. Together, you and your fellow cat lovers can make a difference for kitties in need.

Cats Movie 2019 Furor

Trailer Frenzy

The release of the Cats 2019 trailer sparked excitement from both loyal Cats musical fans and those completely new to the production. The trailer provided a brief taste of what is to come, including sensational dance numbers, compelling music, and awe-inspiring special effects.

Origin & Plot

Based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, this zany musical demonstrates that composers can think way outside of the (litter) box and still achieve a smashing success. Such promises to also be the case with the Cats movie 2019, which is expected to attract huge audiences in spite of — or perhaps, due to — its inherently quirky nature. The movie is about a clan of cats called the Jellicles, who need to choose one among them to journey to the Heaviside Layer — a heaven-like setting offering the opportunity for rebirth.

Character Cast

The spectacular Cats cast deserves much of the credit for the movie’s predicted success. Several of today’s top stars will be featured, although their cat-like forms may render them a bit less recognizable. Favorites include:

  • James Corden as Bustopher Jones, a true gentleman with a cheerful personality in keeping with Corden’s human self.
  • Idris Elba as Macavity, who may seem familiar to fans of Sherlock Holmes. This renowned escape artist is based on the iconic character Moriarty.
  • Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy, the kind hearted leader of the Jellicles. The name fits, but Old Deuteronomy remains surprisingly lively.
  • Taylor Swift as Bombalurina, the flirtatious cat who loves to be the center of attention. She is one of the musical’s top singers.
  • Jennifer Hudson as Grizzabella, who has been kicked out of the Jellicle tribe. Disgraced and lonely, she dreams of the days when she was adored.


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The ultimate musical accompaniment for your party, the Cats soundtrack will new excitement to a variety of beloved songs. Fans are especially looking forward to Taylor Swift’s haunting, yet powerful rendition of Beautiful Ghosts. A gorgeous version of the classic Memory is also expected. Many of the other songs remain under wraps — but with so much talent in the new cast, an amazing Cats soundtrack can be expected.

Pawsome Cat Parties with Cardboard Cutouts

From watch parties and human birthdays to cat-centered festivities, opportunities abound for making the most of the 2019 movie Cats. The Cardboard Cutout Standees team is committed to helping you throw the best bash in town, complete with BigHead and life-sized cutouts. Contact us today to learn more about the role cutouts can play in your dream party!


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