Great marketing creates an opportunity to connect with your target audience like never before. This connection is especially important when you are trying to protect the world’s bee population during “Bee’s Knees Week!”

In fact, spreading the word and engaging with customers and potential donors are just two of the reasons that Caledonia Spirits chose to use the eye-popping life-size cutouts from Cardboard Cutouts. Discover how this innovative company is giving back, changing the world, and protecting bees by reading their story.

What is “Bee’s Knees Week?”

Life-size beekeeper hole-in-head cardboard cutout for Barr Hill Bee's Knees Week 2019.“Bee’s Knees Week” is three things: 1) a celebration of the bee’s knees cocktail, 2) a spotlight on the importance of bees in our food and drink system, and 3) a community of bartenders working together to save the bees. To celebrate, we create custom cocktails, provide specialty glassware, and host events throughout the country.

Participating bars and restaurants across the U.S. donate $1 from each Barr Hill “Bee’s Knees” cocktail (delicious gin, lemon and honey) sold throughout the week to The Bee Cause Project, an organization dedicated to educating people about the power of pollinators. Other events are also held at the venues to promote “Bee’s Knees Week,” which is where our cardboard cutouts were featured!

On average, an entire bee hive can produce up to 60 pounds of honey per year. These bees work together throughout the year, and in doing so, show us the power of collective impact.

Over the years, The Bee Cause Project has inspired the next generation of environmental stewards by installing beehives at more than 300 locations throughout the 50 states. This dedication helps to protect our plant’s pollinators who play such an important role.

In 2019 (it’s third year), “Bee’s Knees Week” was held Sept. 23-29 and raised over $61,700 to date. Donations are accepted until Dec. 31, 2019 (learn more).

Why Did You Purchase Cardboard Cutouts?

Going big and doing more for the bees was the theme of this year’s “Bee’s Knees Week.” In line with this, we wanted to create an interactive environment for the bar and restaurant venues to capture guests’ attention and involvement. The life-size cardboard cutouts accomplished just this.

In addition to educating people about the importance of bees and their role in the world, the cutouts made passersby take notice.

What Were Customer Reactions to the Cardboard Cutouts?

The cutouts worked out great! Not only were they fun and interactive photo ops for everyone, but they also served as great conversation starters. People were drawn to the cutouts and quick to ask more about “Bee’s Knees Week.”

The best part is that we even had one of our news anchors do a sneak peek clip on the air from inside one of the cutouts! The stunt garnered a lot of attention, spread the word about The Bee Cause Project, and gave viewers an inside look into our distillery. It was truly a win-win marketing solution that made a dynamic impact.

In addition to using the cardboard cutouts, we also ran social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the trending hashtag #beeskneesweek. The best part about these joint efforts is that all of the money is going to a great cause that truly benefits the world’s bees.

Cardboard Cutouts Work Great with Other Marketing Efforts

Cardboard Cutout Standees proudly creates life-size custom cutouts for use in a wide variety of marketing settings. Whether it is for a party, big event, charity gathering, or promotion, your life-size cardboard cutout can be customized to meet your unique needs. You can choose between styles, materials, text options, and a host of other personalization factors, and we can have your cardboard cutout produced in as little as two business days.

To learn more about how you can use a life-size cardboard cutout to your marketing advantage, contact a member of the Cardboard Cutout Standees team today. Whether you are helping the bees or have another cause in mind, Cardboard Cutout Standees can help you to make a positive and long-lasting impact.


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