Impressing young leaders and teens isn’t always easy to do in a digital age, but bringing excitement to youth ministry training is critical to inspiring them to go back to their community to share the same messages of faith. Dare 2 Share’s goal is to provide the tools and resources to help young leaders gain important training to allow them to inspire others.

Dare 2 Share large red sneaker cutout on stage display.

The organization, which has served the country with youth pastor resources for 25 years, plans a large-scale, 5-city summer intensive in Discipleship training each year. Their ongoing challenge is to support and connect with these young leaders to promote their faith. Dare 2 Share works to reach these teens, who are seeking out support, in a fun and energy-filled environment.

Modern-day marketing and traditional messages don’t always resonate with teens who are so inundated with messages from social media. Dare 2 Share’s event helps to bring back some of the charm and energy that the ministry is supposed to bring to communities. And that means coming up with creative and innovative ways to reach their audience.

The Dare 2 Share Ministries five-city event (called “THE Cause”), is an exciting opportunity for youth leaders to challenge their faith and develop strong leadership skills. It’s hard work, but essential work to help foster a passion to share their beliefs and faith with others. Making it fun and vibrant is one way to do that.

That’s why they needed a larger-than-life way to bring their message forward. And, in doing so, they turned to Cardboard Cutout Standees to find a way to capture the spirit of their event in a big way. They had success with it the entire time!Dare 2 Share attendees at conference.

Why did you purchase our cardboard cutouts? Tell us the story!

Dare 2 Share Ministries hosts a summer intensive Discipleship training across 5 cities in the United States. We always try to make the theme and stage design fun and energetic for our young audience. A red, worn-out Chuck Taylor is a mascot for our events, as it represents a modern-day disciple of Jesus.

We needed impact and presence and through some research, we found your company. My main question was, “How big can you go?” The team at Cardboard CutoutStandees was able to go big for us! The cutout was a hit as it had a big presence and could be easily packed up for travel.

How did the cutouts work out for your event?

Everything worked out great! We had to have a stage design element that could travel across the country and have an easy setup with high impact. This definitely delivered!

What was the customer reaction to the cardboard cutouts like?

Everyone has loved this! The size was impressive to everyone and really hit a home run for the theme. Our staff was grateful for the travel-friendly size and weight. This cutout made our event!

Do you plan on using them in any different, interesting ways in the future?

This cutout will continue to live on for us, serving as a mascot of sorts for all our future events. We are grateful for the sturdy plastic cardboard, as it will give it years of usability.

Besides cardboard cutouts, are you using any other cool marketing strategies for events, promotions or other activities?

We are always on the lookout for youthful and energetic ways to connect with teenagers and young adults we minister to! We use social media contests to engage and document the excitement.

How was your experience with us and our customer service?

Besides a small delivery glitch, I had a good experience with your company. I felt that my request was listened to and everyone found a way to create what we needed. I think the ordering process had some confusing aspects to it, but communication was always available.

Dare 2 Share Ministries Loves Our Cardboard Cutouts!

There’s no doubt that Dare 2 Share Ministries has a big task in motivating these youths to embrace their faith. Their fun and innovative way of doing so should show you how you, too, can walk in their shoes.

It’s fun to see such a simple element mean so much to an organization doing such good work. The key question you have to answer, then, is how can you capture the attention of your target audience and bring some energy back in a larger-than-life way? Or, perhaps you can incorporate a cardboard cutout into your next content strategy to get people excited in a hands-on manner. It’s a creative and super fun way to bring people together, especially within the younger generation who is so digitally connected.

How can you change the way you are marketing to create a surprising, fun, or interesting way of reaching your audience? Are cardboard cutouts the simple solution you need to reach your audience? With these cutouts, you can wow them, excite them, motivate them, and bring a smile to everyone’s faces while you do so.


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