Jake Kress’ story began when he could not get rid of an ear infection. Doctors found that, through a series of tests, he had a rare type of leukemia that doesn’t occur in people of his age. What’s worse is that because there was a genetic mutation that caused the cancer, it was likely it would relapse. That’s why he needed to receive a bone marrow transplant to get the best possible results.

During this difficult time, Jake’s brother, Max, a three-year-old, wasn’t able to be at the hospital while Jake waited for his bone marrow transplant. That’s when they turned to Cardboard Cutout Standees. Each of the boys had an image created of the other placed in their room, allowing them to feel as though their brother was always nearby.

Jake with cutout of brother Max and family in hospital room.
Jake’s mother shares more of his story and how their family is working to support him on this life-changing journey.

How has the bone marrow transplant process affected daily life?

“We have had to move to the local Ronald McDonald house to stay close to Jake at Akron Children’s Hospital. Because of the threat of germs, his 3-year-old brother, Max, is not allowed to come to visit. They are best buds, so it has made it difficult. Max is still too young to really understand what’s going on.”

Max with cardboard cutout of Jake.

How have the cutouts helped?

“It’s so cute and fun! They love having them! They give each other kisses. The nurses and doctors all love them too! Max is in Jake’s hospital room, and Jake is at the Ronald McDonald house with Max.”

Jake hugging cardboard cutout of Max in hospital.Max laying next to cardboard cutout of Jake.

What has been the reaction from Jake, family, friends, and hospital staff?

“Everyone has asked where we got them and how they can get one!”

How can someone help support Jake?

Jake is a redhead, so #gingerpower. We don’t have a GoFundMe, but we do have a Facebook page: “Team Jake.”

#teamjake table display with cardboard cutout of Max.
Cardboard Cutout Standees is also working to help support Jake and children facing the same types of challenges he is up against!

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Individuals who want to help Jake can do so by donating to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation. To start, Cardboard Cutout Standees is donating $1,000 as a way to support the organization’s work to help children like Jake to have a fighting chance.


Individuals placing an order through November 30, 2019 using the discount code #teamjake will be able to participate as well! Each time it is used, Cardboard Cutout Standees will donate 10 percent of the order value, up to an additional $5,000, to the organization.

Giving Back With Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard Cutout Standees provides a wide range of products for all types of interesting events. Whether for fundraising efforts or marketing, there is no doubt that these products get the attention of everyone who interacts with them. If you’re looking for a way to give back and you could benefit from our life-size cardboard standees, just like Jake did, contact our team today. We can help you complete any project with outstanding results.


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