Kawaii culture has long been a big deal in Japan, but it’s now making its mark all around the world. The demand for adorable characters is stronger than ever, as evidenced by the likes of Hello Kitty and Pusheen.

KawaiiChikkie offers yet another exciting addition to the cute revolution with a lovable character who promises to bring out the creativity and silliness in each and every person.

Closeup of KawaiiChikkie cardboard cutout with Chikkie stuffed animals.

By portraying such essential concepts as love and companionship in a relatable manner, KawaiiChikkie provides the motivation everyday individuals need to get out of bed and conquer each day with a positive attitude. With KawaiiChikkie as inspiration, we can feel confident that, if we start with baby steps, we will eventually accomplish great things.

KawaiiChikkie already boasts a thriving Instagram account, but the genius behind this character is now eager to reach future fans in person. By combining social media efforts with real-world interactions, the KawaiiChikkie name has established a strong following in both the virtual and real world. In both environments, strong visuals are key. Hence, the value of cardboard cutouts, which force people to stop and pay attention. These cutouts are always effective, but they’re particularly noteworthy when they portray such a lovable character.

KawaiiChikkie holiday tent setup with cardboard cutouts.

Why did you purchase our cardboard cutouts?

“I wanted to create a fun experience that would be easy to set up at the markets and festivals where I promote KawaiiChikkie. Each cutout theme celebrates various seasons, holidays, and events.

Having a prominent piece of kawaii artwork brings a smile to each visitor’s face and helps my brand stand out from the crowd. When was the last time you saw a smiling chicken with teeth?”

KawaiiChikkie indoor table setup with cardboard cutout.

How did you use cardboard cutouts for your promos? What was the response?

“The KawaiiChikkie brand is all about being silly, unique, and creative. These traits are best showcased with life-size displays of my mascot. These displays bring Chikkie to life. They change poses and expressions to suit different types of events while giving returning visitors something new to see.

The bigger the cutouts, the more positive of a reception I receive from my customers. When entering markets and convention centers, they see a bright yellow chicken from all the way across the venue. They head straight over to check out the display.”

Large KawaiiChikkie reindeer costume cardboard cutout with table display.

Do you have exciting plans for using our cutouts in the future?

“My plans for branding my booth are always growing. A future photo booth area will help me promote KawaiiChikkie both in person and on social media. People will happily share the cute pictures they take with Chikkie. This will provide better engagement online.”

Outdoor table tent setup with KawaiiChikkie cardboard cutout.

Do you use any marketing strategies other than cardboard cutouts to make an impression?

“In addition to cardboard cutouts, I provide free sticker handouts similar to the design of each cutout. This allows customers to bring home their own Chikkie.”

Large KawaiiChikkie cardboard cutout with table display of small stuffed Chikkies.

Make Your Mark With Cardboard Cutouts

Not every promo involves a mascot as cute or lovable as Chikkie, but it’s still possible to make a strong impression when you take advantage of our life-sized cardboard cutouts. Whether featured at stores, festivals, or in other locations, these visual displays quickly attract attention.

Even a brief glimpse of our displays will help potential customers get a feel for your brand and its underlying philosophy. Few will stop with a mere glance, however. Cutout displays have a way of getting people to interact, be it through photos, social media, or simply stopping and chatting. This could be your ultimate solution for improving customer engagement in person and online.

Are you ready to harness the power of life-sized cardboard cutouts? Feel free to shop the huge selection offered by Cardboard Cutout Standees. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the wide variety of cutout options we provide. We’re excited to help you build an effective marketing campaign.

KawaiiChikkie outdoor tent/table setup with cardboard cutouts and lady giving peace sign.


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