Norcal Boxer Rescue is committed to finding loving homes for California and Nevada boxers in need. The organization’s passion for vulnerable canines is admirable, but the same can be said of their recent marketing efforts. By thinking outside of the box, NCBR is convincing local households to step up and provide the love and care that the region’s beautiful dogs deserve.

Currently, Norcal Boxer Rescue is in the midst of a proactive recruitment effort. The goal? To deliver upbeat, pro-fostering messages throughout the community via life-sized cardboard cutouts featuring friendly boxers. These cutouts can currently be found in a variety of locations, including veterinary clinics, cafes, car dealerships, fitness studios, and more.

White boxer cutout with "professional couch warmer" sign.Made possible by a grant from Maddie’s Fund, the rescue’s recruitment campaign promises to bring greater awareness to the role that foster families can play in helping the area’s most vulnerable dogs. This awareness is also promoted at the digital level, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter serving as key tools for attracting and interacting with new volunteers.

Woman with cardboard cutout of brown boxer at Pets To Go store lobby. Man with cardboard cutout of brown and white boxer at Pets To Go store.

While the present cutout strategy remains a work in progress, the committed folks at Norcal Boxer Rescue have full faith that upon spotting adorable dog-shaped cutouts, locals will feel compelled to open their homes to canines in need. What’s more, the high quality of the cutouts should ensure the ongoing success of this campaign. Equipped with visually impressive cutouts, the organization can continue to make its mark far into the future.

For now, the team at Norcal Boxer Rescue is thrilled with the end product made possible by Cardboard Cutout Standees. The rescue’s human team greatly appreciates the ongoing support for their mission – and they absolutely adore their “ridiculously cute” boxer cutouts!Woman with cardboard cutout of boxer in front of Modesto's Contentment Brewery.

Why did you purchase our cardboard cutouts?

“Even though we have a pretty sizable pool of amazing foster families, we still struggle to accommodate the volume of boxers in shelters who need rescue. California shelters have so many dogs in need of help, and we need more foster homes to be able to help all of them.

Additionally, because we are a geographically diverse organization lacking a physical facility, we don’t have a strong local presence anywhere. This can make it challenging for us to reach new audiences to recruit foster homes.”Brown boxer cutout in front of counter at Park Station Hashery.

What type of reaction did you notice when using cardboard cutouts?

“Customers often stop to talk about the cutouts and reflect on their experiences with dogs in the past. The cutouts are inspiring conversations!”

Guy with cardboard cutout of brown and white boxer at East Brother Beer Co.

Have you used your cutouts in any other memorable ways?

“In addition to the cutouts working independently in their public locations, we also take them with us when we have our monthly adoption events at pet stores and at other events, like the Strut Your Mutt fundraiser we participated in this fall. The cutouts are well-behaved dogs in even the most hectic of environments!

In October, our cutout photographer Katie Scott held a First Friday event and invited our organization to be present in her studio. It was an outreach and fundraising opportunity for us – but also a fun celebration of the cutouts!

Katie placed the cutouts in different locations throughout the art center where her studio is located to make a scavenger hunt for visitors! People received a set of clues to help them find the cutouts in the various studios. As they found each cutout, they recorded the message printed on it. We will be doing more activities along these lines in the future.”

White boxer cutout by window at Ledson Winery lobby. Brown and white boxer cutout inside front door at Douglas Feed Supply store.

Make a Difference With Cardboard Cutouts

We’re excited to add another inspiring organization to our Cardboard Cutout Standees community! A strong connection can make all the difference as you promote causes you hold dear. Emotional impact is essential, and sometimes all it takes is a powerful visual representation to spur ordinary people to take action. Therein lies the power of our life-sized cardboard cutouts. These vibrant displays force people to take notice. They are impossible to ignore.

One glance at our beautifully designed cutouts, and your target audience will understand what you hope to accomplish – and why your cause is so important. Whether you’re looking to recruit new volunteers, secure sponsorships, or simply spread awareness, the right cutout can take your campaign to the next level.

If you’re ready to make the most of life-sized cardboard cutouts, don’t hesitate to shop our selection. Reach out today to learn more about our beautiful cutouts – and how they can be best incorporated in your next campaign.Cutout of brown boxer in front window display at Antique Emporium.


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