At Cardboard Cutout Standees we have a wide array of clients. One of the things we love is seeing all the unique and creative ways that our customers use cutouts.

There are quite a few that inspire us. We have seen life size stand-ups of real people and fictional characters. We have produced giant beer cans and shelf displays.

Unsung Propeller Head Cutout

Propeller Head – Thanks to @digicon43

Some of our clients come to us with specific ideas and uses in mind for their cutout. Many times it evolves and takes on a life of its own, even inspiring a new look, a sale, or a social media blitz.

The Unsung Brewery Story

That was the case with Unsung Brewing, a craft brewery in Orange County, California. Unsung used cutouts to draw attention to the beer lineup’s uncanny flavors and funky names. They call it a “blending of Midwest heritage with West Coast progression.” With names like Buzzman, Troglodyte, and Metaplex, their beers stand out from the rest.

Unsung’s inspiration is comic book superheroes like Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man. The brewery aims to honor such “unsung heroes.” These heroes include our military members, firefighters, and doctors. They practice small acts of kindness and sacrifice.

Their cutouts have now become a major part of their photo-worthy moments in their taproom. They also draw in passersby at their festivals.

To find out a little more about Unsung Brewery’s heroic beers, we spoke with founder Mike Crea. Mike is an Ohio native and recent California transplant. We spoke about the company’s success with Cardboard Cutout Standee’s products.

What’s the backstory on the beer characters?

Our brewery has a comic book theme. Each of our beers is a character that I’ve created to give life to the different beers. You can find names like Naturia, Propeller-Head, and Anthia on our beer lineup among others.

Citrique Beer Standee

Citrique – Thanks to @digicon43

We’ve done some big conventions and also served at Disneyland. The cutouts we had before were great eye-catching material, but they weren’t very durable. We knew that we needed something to last. Cardboard Cutout Standees offers a “beer proof” cutout!

Why did you decide to buy a cutout?

We wanted to have something our visitors could see and take pictures with in our taproom. They also needed to be portable enough to come with us when we attend events.

When we are pouring at festivals and such, we like to bring them along as well.

Are there other cutouts you plan to use for marketing in the future?

Yeah, when we have a new beer and the character becomes popular, we will make a cutout to go along with it.

What has been the response from customers and the public?

Anthia Life Size Cutout

Anthia – Thanks to @digicon43

People love them! They love to take pictures and post on social media, which is great exposure for us.

Visitors tend to pose with the cutouts. They gravitate towards the character they like best based on their favorite beer.

Get remembered with a cardboard cutout

Unsung Brewing is a great example. Using custom cutouts is simple and fun way to infuse creativity into your business. Cutouts create a way for customers to interact with the brand. Even to help pick their favorite beer! They create a unique and fun opportunity to engage people, whether in the taproom, at a festival or beyond.

You don’t have to own a superhero brewery to get creative with your cutout. We work with clients from business owners to party planners, marketers to event hosts.  A cardboard cutout can add the right amount of whimsy that could get you the attention you’re looking for.

Cardboard Cutout Standees wants to help bring your imagination and creativity to life. Whether it’s through a sign, BigHead, life-sized stand-up, or a new creation! Our products are perfect for in-store displays, events, and social media sharing.

What cutout will your business’ superpowers take you to? Let’s find out!


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