“Grease” has been a sensation since it met the world. Is it because the music is catchy?  Or that we share a nostalgia for the outfits and the attitudes?

Either way, we’ve kept it alive through dances, school plays, and recreations (hello, “High School Musical”).  Another way we’ve kept “Grease” in our lives is through themed parties.


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“Grease” Party Theme Ideas

“Grease” themed parties have been touted as one of the most fun party themes, as well as one of the most versatile.  What we mean by that is that there are a lot of directions you can go in with it.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Grease Lightning: You could either go all out with this and set up your party with antique muscle cars, or simply use “Grease” car cardboard cutouts.  Set up your party like a race track, or a drive-in movie.
  • Carnival: The infamous final scene – the school carnival. It presents a lot of opportunity for a party.  You can recreate a smaller version of this scene with rides or games with prizes, drink carts, etc.
  • Beauty School Dropout: Have a fun girls night with the beauty school dropout.  Paint your nails, do hair in fun colors, pierce your ears and more.
  • Dance Competition: Dress up as your favorite characters, go as couples and have a dance competition using dance moves from the movie and era.
  • Soda Shop: Sometimes dressing up and having burgers and smoothies in a diner-like setup is enough to satisfy the fun of the theme.

There are many other possibilities, but these were just a few to get you thinking and planning.

How to Throw A “Grease” Themed Party


Photo by Georges Biard / CC BY

By choosing one specific point in the movie as your theme, you’re giving your party a direction, which will help you decide what types of drinks you should serve, what music to play, etc.

Take the “Dance Competition” theme, for example. Basing your party off what you see in the movie, you know what kind of decorations you need and how to arrange them. You also have a small playlist to dance to, as well as the moves (if you’re willing to learn them).

In reality, theming your party after a movie such as “Grease” provides a wealth of information about which music and decorations to choose. But sometimes, the movie isn’t enough.

What your “Grease” party should include:

  • Music based on the soundtrack
  • Food seen in the movie – cotton candy, popcorn, burgers and shakes
  • The movie playing in the background- either on a projector or big screen
  • Costumes that are featured in the scene(s) your party is focusing on
  • Life size cardboard cutouts of characters
  • Sets – decorate the space like the scene as much as possible

Out of all of these things, the decorations are probably the most difficult. However, setting the scene is a whole lot easier with “Grease” cardboard cutouts.

Where You Should Use “Grease” Cardboard Cutouts

grease_cast“Grease” movie cardboard cutouts make it easier to set the scene because you are able to make any custom standee!

Styles of Cutouts Available

You can have a Thunderbird, or lifesize cardboard cutouts of Sandra and Danny dressing up your party. They come in a few different styles, but with Cardboard Cutout Standees’s customization tool you can design any standup how you’d like them.

Here are a few options:

  • Big Heads of the characters – good for games and costumes
  • Hole in the face – for photo booth or the carnival theme
  • Regular life size cutouts
  • Cutouts of the “Grease” cars

If you want to prepare for your “Grease” party by creating your own cutouts, check out the customization tool from Cardboard Cutouts Standees or contact us with questions!


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