Anime fans are a lively bunch, demonstrating unmatched passion for their hobby. These enthusiasts are influenced, in no doubt, by the memorable and colorful characters they love.

If you count yourself among these superfans, you’re well aware that anime is no longer an exclusive niche — it’s gone mainstream. Its influence can be seen in manga, top television series, movies, and video games. Anime characters run the gamut from precocious pirates to serious lone swordsmen — and everything in between.

As a committed anime fan, you love to decorate your game room or office with items that show off your personal favorites. Anime characters are larger-than-life, so it makes sense to get these memorable folks immortalized in the form of a life-size cardboard standup. Wall art is great for room decor, but nothing compares to seeing beloved characters come to life as cardboard cutout standees.

Cardboard cutout at an anime convention.

Ready to level up your favorite space with visually impactful anime characters? Take a break from that Naruto marathon on Crunchyroll and get ready to bring these ten favorites to life:


Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

Is there a more iconic character in anime history than Naruto? It’s a great question for manga fans to debate, but one thing is for sure: his likeness is recognizable worldwide. Friends and guests will no doubt recognize him when they see the high-quality cardboard standup hanging out in your home. A DIY Naruto costume may work for that Friday night cosplay outing, but leave it to the experts when it comes to life-size art for everyone’s favorite ninja.

Naruto anime characters.

naruto wallpaper” by bwana is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Haikyu!!: Shōyō Hinata

Haikyu!! may not be the most well-known manga series, but this best-seller about a would-be volleyball prodigy still has a devoted following. Protagonist Shoyo Hinata is a perfect example of the loveable underdog — someone who doesn’t let his small stature keep him down…literally. While his vertical leap may be impressive, you’ll want to keep him rooted firmly on the ground when he’s in cardboard cutout form.


Code Geass: Lelouch Lamperouge

Another series that attracts a lot of attention from fans on Crunchyroll, Code Geass has given us several memorable characters. Lelouch vi Brittania is one of the most complex characters in the genre, and therefore, one of the most fascinating over time. It certainly has been fun watching him transform. A life-size cutout of Lelouch is sure to spark discussions among anime fans in your home, as they all may have differing opinions on this polarizing prince.

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Attack On Titan: Levi Ackerman

Without a doubt one of the most popular titan slayers around, Levi Ackerman exudes quiet cool and confidence. A captain from Attack on Titan’s Survey Corps, he’s introverted and can be brutal when required — but there’s also a warm side to his personality. Humanity’s strongest soldier deserves a sturdy cardboard cutout that can take a beating from territorial house cats, rowdy anime fans, or anyone else up for a challenge.


Attack On Titan: Mikasa Ackerman

Another butt-kicking Ackerman, Mikasa may not share family ties with Levi — but she’s just as strong. While she’s certainly no Disney princess, she still displays a soft side in many of her relationships. A one-two punch of Levi and Mikasa custom cutouts would be the perfect gift for any Attack on Titan fan.


One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy

Unfortunately, this anime cardboard cutout isn’t available in rubber! While Luffy may have the ability to stretch his body to absurd lengths, fans will have to settle for a life-size cutout made from durable cardboard or foamcore. Still, this is one of the most versatile characters available from a decor perspective. There’s no shortage of different forms that Luffy can take, all of which are easily turned into custom cutouts. Nightmare Luffy, in particular, looks great in high-quality anime cardboard cutout form.


Re:Zero: Rem

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one waifu! Rem fits that bill for many people, as the Re:Zero star has inspired dozens of tribute videos on Youtube and even a highlight video of her top moments via Crunchyroll. Fans of cosplay will quickly find that a Rem standee is the best way to compare their outfit with hers. Take your setup to the next level with Rem and Ram cutouts, which are sure to make an impression.


Berserk: Guts

Anime cardboard cutouts don’t all have to be cheerful characters with happy-go-lucky personalities. What about a strong, silent type? Guts could use a few new friends, so why not make him the life of your next anime watch party with a life-size cardboard standee? This wanderer is always compelling but should become even more impressive as a standee.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric

One of the most loveable characters in all of anime, Edward Elric won’t be demeaned with a small, flimsy cardboard cutout. Never one to let wisecracks about his height go unpunished, Edward always manages to get in the last word. Pair him with his brother Alphonse for even more fun.


Death Note: L. Lawliet

Every anime fan can recognize L from Death Note with help from his huge eyes. It’s the defining physical characteristic of a character who is always using his mind to stay one step ahead of his rivals. One of the easiest characters to cosplay, L may not be decked out in cool anime gear — but that shouldn’t stop you from inviting him to your next hangout.


How to Make the Ultimate Anime Cardboard Cutout

Once you’ve selected the perfect anime character, the hard work is behind you. At this point, you can look to our team at Cardboard Cutout Standees to take care of the rest. Simply upload a high-quality image to our website. Next, set specifications such as the height and the number of subjects. You’ll also get to select a material for your cutout: cardboard, foamcore, or Bubble-X plastic. Feel free to add special details such as dry-erase or text.

Ready to get started? Stop by our website to create an amazing anime cutout or contact us to learn more about our products.


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